Reorganization of the Activity

We provide complex legal assistance in reorganization process i.e. transformations, mergers, demergers, disposal of enterprise or its organized part. Our scope of services includes legal and tax assistance:

  • Analysis of facility and risk of the reorganization process,

  • Advisory with respect to the potential alternative reorganization process,

  • Drafting of the legal documentation,

  • Assistance in post-reorganization process, including business, corporate and labor law advisor.

Tax and other public duties

Direct taxes (CIT, PIT)

Indirect taxes (VAT)

Social contributions

Other taxes

We provide complex assistance with respect to the taxes and other public duties covering:

  • Analysis of the business activity from the tax perspective,

  • Preparing of the tax opinions, reports and other documents,

  • Preparation of letters to the tax authorities and contact with tax authorities on behalf of the client,

  • Preparation of application for tax rulings,

  • Ongoing tax advisory.

Law assistance

We provide legal assistance in:

  • Civil law, including preparation of opinions and legal analysis

  • Corporate law including preparation of corporate documents (resolutions, minutes, rules etc.), conducting proceedings before a registry court,

  • Commercial and contract law, covering, among others preparation, evaluation and negotiation of contracts and agreements, participation in negotiations, representation in court in commercial matters,

  • New technology law, including preparation of legal opinions, preparation, evaluation and negotiation of contracts, advising on copyright and industrial,

  • E-commerce law, including preparation of regulations and policies.

Representation in litigations

We provide assistance in:

Admirative litigation

Tax litigation

Civil court proceedings

Administrative court proceeding

Within the frameworks of representation before courts and administration authorities

Within the scope of services we provide:

  • Analysis of the issue

  • Preparation of the strategy of the litigation

  • Ensure the participation of professional proxy

  • Preparation of letters in the litigation